Protecting your business from cyber threats – the first steps

12 October 2023 by
BK Low
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Insights from Cristian Pucheta, Operations Manager at Netway Networks and Sen Philip, Solutions Architect at CrowdStrike, during a recent Netway Networks cyber security webinar. Watch the full session here.

It takes an organisation an average 250 days to detect identity-based cyber attacks because they are conducted by perpetrators using valid usernames and credentials according to Sen. Think about the damage that could be done during these 250 days and the amount of data that could be compromised. 

How can we protect our business?

Sen advises that for most, a good place to start is reviewing employee access or privilege rights to information, and implement tools such as multi-factor authentication to enforce conditional access.

“80 percent of identity-based attacks stem from valid accounts and the use of compromised credentials and stolen accounts”, said Sen. “It is a valid username that attackers are using and until there is a breach, you don’t know.”

Cristian reminds businesses about complacency when it comes to protecting themselves against potential attacks.

He mentioned many may not have their finger on the pulse in recognising the latest trends in cyber security, and don’t have access to qualified people to inform them either. They are therefore basically unaware of what they should be doing to keep attackers out of their IT environment.

“As a start, it is important to review your servers and IT infrastructure configurations regularly to make sure they keep up with latest cyber security landscape, and ensuring your password policies and devices connected to your network are secure,” Christian said.

“Having qualified partners to manage your IT environment – trained people with the right skillsets and who have done this before repeatedly can go a long way towards helping you protect your business against attacks,” he added.

Catch the full conversation below to hear more cyber security strategies you can take to keep your business safe from cyber threats.

Playback: 3 cyber security strategies to keep your business safe | Netway Networks

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