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Cyber Security

Don't wait until a breach. Protect your business from potential cyber attacks and secure your data and IT infrastructure with our cyber security service.

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Be proactive with your IT security. Get enhanced protection while growing and innovating your business for success.

Strengthening your cyber security posture using Essential Eight

Central to cyber security is ensuring that your business data, IT systems and networks are able to withstand and manage digital security threats. While no single solution is foolproof, businesses are recommended to implement a combination of technologies, processes and practices to mitigate chances of attacks and maintain system integrity.

However, this is becoming increasingly challenging with a highly mobile workforce using extra devices and cloud applications everyday. The opportunities for cyber attacks are greater than before. New viruses and malicious software are being discovered daily, and it's imperative that your business is as prepared as possible. 

Using the Australian Government's Essential Eight cyber security incident mitigation model and guidelines, our team can assess your entire IT environment and work closely with you to advise and implement effective strategies to proactively minimise the chances of attacks and keep the hackers out.

Keeping your business safe

How can we assist?

Cyber security risk assessment

Helping you understand the level of IT risk your business faces. This enables you to develop strategies and measures for effective mitigation.

User awareness training

Inform and educate your team about latest cyber security best practices, recognising potential threats, and how to respond to cyber threats effectively.

Patch management

Performing regular software updates (or patches) to ensure your IT systems, operating systems and applications are free from bugs and vulnerabilities.

Security Operations Centre (SOC)

Access to a dedicated team providing continuous monitoring of your networks and systems, ensuring rapid threat response and ongoing improvements.

Vulnerability scanning

Conducting regular scans and tests to identify security weaknesses in your IT environment, and provide actionable recommendations to address the issues.

Email security

Proactively detecting phishing and blocking malware, and spam. Combined with encryption technology and authentication protocols to ensure all emails are safe.

Two-factor (2FA) authentication

Our 2FA system ensures user authenticity, confirms device integrity, and grants safe access to your business applications and networks.

Endpoint threat protection

Safeguarding your business devices such as computers, laptops, servers, mobile devices from cyber security threats and viruses or malware attacks.

Penetration testing

Mimicing real-world cyber attacks to

test the integrity and resilience of your IT systems to help you become better prepared.

Improve your business IT security for peace of mind.

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Our proven process

Step 1: Discovery

Every business works differently, we work with you to identify your security requirements.

Step 2: Solutions matching 

We then develop a solution to secure your business environment.

Step 3: Delivery

By leveraging our expertise and partnerships, we build a strong security posture for your business.

Step 4: Review and optimise

Once secured, we keep our finger on the pulse, making sure you remain secure.

We are committed to protecting you

24*7/365 monitoring

Your network doesn’t sleep, neither do we. We look after your business for you around the clock.

Best-in-class tools

We use cutting edge technology to protect your business against a wide-range of cyber threats and attacks.

​Specialised services

Tailored solutions, combining expert analysis and proactive strategies to shield your devices and network.

Security-focused team

Our specialists are all about keeping your business safe and work with only your best interests in mind.

Flexible and scalable as you grow

Add or modify security services based on your changing business needs.

Agnostic approach

All solutions we recommend are those that best suit your business needs. We are on your side.


We deliver expert guidance, proactive monitoring, and tailored solutions required to protect your security position. Expertise you might not have access to in-house. We provide a holistic approach, addressing both preventative measures and incident response to create a resilient and secure IT environment for our clients.

Our comprehensive offering includes risk assessment through tools like endpoint detection and response, intrusion detection systems, threat intelligence platforms, 24/7 managed Security Operations Centre (SOC) monitoring with alerting, log analysis, vulnerability scanning, access control, user behaviour analytics, and timely software updates.

Our cyber security offerings are designed around the Australian Government's Essential Eight cyber security incident mitigation model and guidelines.

The Essential Eight is a set of eight strategies recommended by the Australian Government to help organisations mitigate cyber security incidents caused by various cyber threats. They are: 

  1. Application control  
  2. Patch applications  
  3. Configure MS Office macro settings  
  4. User application hardening  
  5. Restrict administration privileges  
  6. Patch operating systems  
  7. Multi-factor authentication  
  8. Regular backups.

Essential Eight is not mandatory, however, it is a recommended best practice and all businesses across Australia are highly encouraged to apply all, if not, some of these strategies.

You could start by reviewing your business's current cyber security posture against the ASD’s Essential Eight Maturity Model to get a sense of how robust your systems are against cyber attacks. This model can help you identify gaps in your implementation of the Essential Eight strategies and provide a roadmap for continuous improvement. Here are more resources you might find useful:

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