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IT Procurement

Get the technology your team needs to maximise their performance without the hassle of managing different vendor relationships.

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Save time and money when you pass your IT procurement to us.

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The friendly IT equipment supplier supporting your business growth

Understanding what IT equipment to buy for your team and who to buy from can be a time consuming and expensive process. Take advantage of our expertise and the strategic alliances we have with leading vendors to access special deals at competitive prices.

We begin by working with you to thoroughly understand your existing IT infrastructure, carefully assessing your current requirements and gaining insights into your future business needs. With this information, we connect with our trusted vendors to source the equipment and software you need at the right price and precisely when you need them.

From here, we can handle the installation, setup, ongoing management, troubleshooting, servicing, and eventual replacement when the time comes. We are committed to ensuring your IT environment remains optimised, secure and up to date, sparing you the concerns of working with outdated and slow equipment.

Some of our vendor partners

What is included? 

Hardware and software procurement

Let us manage the procurement process so you can concentrate on stuff that really matters –growing your business. 

Licence management

We can help you track and renew your hardware and software licences, ensuring no interruptions to your processes.

Local service desk support

Whether at the office or operating remotely, our dedicated and Australian-based support team are available 24/7. 

Inventory tracking

Ensuring accurate asset management, usage monitoring and optmising resource allocation.

Installation and set up

Configuring devices, installing software, ensuring compatibility and optimising settings for seamless integration into your IT environment.

Lifecycle management

Ensuring your IT equipment and software are always up-to-date and working efficiently for your business.

Equipment service

Maintenance, repairs, and technical support for hardware components to ensure optimal performance.

Advisory and consulting

Get strategic insights and  expert guidance to help you plan and optimise your IT environment to maintain business continuity.

Helping you boost business performance

Tailored to your needs

Flexible options to align technology with your operational demands and strategic objectives.

Configured for security

All equipment are set up with robust security measures in place, such as data encryption and 2FA access controls.

Compliant and compatible

Ensuring all equipment and software are business compliant and fit seamlessly into your IT ecosystem.

Reliable and experienced

You can count on our 20+ years of industry knowledge and partnerships to get the best value.

Take your business to the next level.

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