Implementing Essential Eight – the first steps

26 April 2024 by
BK Low
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Insights from Daniel Sparkman, National Account Manager at Netway Networks and Leon Friend, Security Sales Engineer at ConnectWise, during a recent Netway Networks webinar on the Essential 8. Watch the full session here.

The challenge of implementing Essential Eight lies not in technology, but the time and effort needed to understand your company's specific needs and building and implementing the necessary cyber security policies and procedures around them according to Leon.

So where do we start?

A good place would be to look at any compliance requirements stemming from your industry regulations or business partnerships such as commercial agreements. Leon recommended understanding the main concerns and risk factors surrounding those requirements thoroughly and prioritising the ones that are most crucial to your business.

Daniel reminded businesses that the Essential Eight strategies are interconnected and work best when implemented together. They represent a “fabric” and do not exist on their own.

He recommended multi-factor authentication (MFA) as a must-have cyber security feature for all businesses in 2024. Ditching SMS verification for app-based authenticators to avoid SIM swapping vulnerabilities was also highlighted as a key takeaway.

Click image below to catch the full conversation and hear more about how you can keep your business safe from cyber threats.

Playback: Demystifying Essential 8 to enhance cyber security for your business | Netway Networks  

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