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Enterprise-speed business Internet, available for companies of all sizes.

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Is Netway internet right for your business?

Ask yourself these questions:

Are we receiving inferior support?

Sick of uncontrollable dropouts?

Are we paying to much for our internet?

Not being taken seriously due to company size?

The big telcos don't understand the importance of fast Internet?

We are worried about value for money with the big telcos?

Sick of being put on hold only to speak people overseas?

Have we been sold a package that doesn't live up to expectation?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, your current ISP is letting down and it's time to see what else is on the market!

Make the move to Netway Internet

As a business, you are heavily reliant on your Internet to keep you operating. You cannot afford dropouts or connectivity issues.

Connect your business with Netway Internet and receive a-grade services provides value for money and excellent performance for businesses of all sizes.

At Netway Networks, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with a transparent, personalised approach.

Where other ISP's categorise you by how profitable your business is to them each Netway customer is viewed as important as the next regardless of how much they are spending.

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This is why our clients choose Netway internet


Netway Internet utilises some of the most trusted ISP networks in Australia and has a team of skilled engineers to assist you.


We understand that the faster the internet speed, the more expensive. We want to give all sized businesses enterprise-grade connections.

Customer Service

When you need a hand or have a question you will speak to a person in Australia and not be put on hold for half of your day. 


With 24x7 service 365, we have been providing IT services to Australian businesses size 1999 and have many long-term customers.


Because we partner with multiple ISP's, we can provide you with a personalised service based on your needs. 


Due to our partnerships, we can prove you with fast internet (depending on location) at a competitive price. 

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