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Managed data backups

About Managed Data Backups

Your data is the lifeline of your business. Without it, you cannot operate and perform.

With our Managed Data backup services, you can sleep easy as we take control of managing and maintaining the backups of your data, their security and recovery in emergencies. 

All it takes is to accidentally click on the wrong email and years of your precious data could be lost.

Ransomware and other cyber-attacks are becoming more sophisticated every year and it takes no more than a split-second distraction for the whole network to be shut down.

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How do Managed Data Backups it work?

We spend time getting to know your business and understanding how you use your data and what applications are interfacing. 

We will map your requirements against users and permissions and where you want to be as a business within the next few years. 

We then provide you with a roadmap based on your requirements and a backup plan personalised to your business.  

We work with you to choose the right technology and the location of your data based on these results. 

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Managed Data backup services

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Managed data back ups explained

Onsite Data Backups

Onsite Backups

Onsite backups are often cheaper and easier to implement than an offsite backup and come with the key benefit of you physically storing your data within your premise.


Cloud Data Backups

Cloud Backups

Offsite backups essentially work the same as on-premises backups. However, instead of hosting the data on your premises, which is connected to your network, all data is uploaded to remote servers via the internet at predefined intervals (often daily or weekly)


Hybrid Data Backups

Hybrid Backups
(On- Premise  + Cloud)

A hybrid backup plan consists of having an onsite and offsite backup strategy implemented.

Onsite for managing most day-to-day tasks and just providing a second (or third, or fourth) copy of all data and offsite for recovering data in case of huge disasters, such as cyber-attack or natural disaster.

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