Fundamentals of Cyber Security Revealed



In a recent report circulated by Microsoft, they mention that “Over 90% of cyber incidents can be averted by maintaining the most basic best practices”.  

For people who don’t have a strong technical background, these fundamental best practices may seem like areas that you know nothing about, or they might have been overlooked as a ‘don’t need to have’.  

A common situation that we find with clients coming to Netway Networks is that they have grown rapidly and haven’t implemented any proactive measures to keep their IT department secure. Regardless of your situation, we have compiled this guide, so businesses of all sizes understand the changes they need to make, or to give them a friendly refresher into the fundamental best practices to help alleviate 90% of these cybersecurity issues.


  1. The importance of password protection 

  2. Identifying and Filtering Malicious Emails 

  3. Utilising reputable Anti-Virus and Malware protection 

  4. Data backups and disaster recovery plans 

  5. Installing updates regularly 

  6. Educating staff of risk and continuous awareness training 

  7. Downloading software from third-party websites 

  8. No visibility in your payment processes 

  9. Limiting administrative access 

  10. Understanding when to employ an in-house IT department or when to outsource



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