Cisco Advanced Malware Protection

What is Cisco Advanced Malware Protection?

Cisco Advanced Malware Protection provides security for your business' devices against all forms of malware.

Powered by data and signatures collected by Cisco's Talos malware researchers, AMP combines advanced real-time malware protection alongside continuous scanning of existing files ensuring your network remains protected.

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Features of Cisco Advanced Malware Protection

World-Class Protection

Cisco Advanced Malware Protection features industry-leading malware and virus scanning and prevention

Endpoint Security

Cisco AMP provides security for all your devices, no matter the type. With support for desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones, your endpoints are sure to be protected

Network Security

Cisco AMP secures your network at all levels, from endpoints up to you most important servers.

Email & Web Security

Email is one of the largest attack vectors for malware. That's why it is important that emails are scanned and threats neutralised before they are received

Benefits of Cisco Advanced Malware Protection to your business


Cisco Advanced Malware Protection runs 24x7 continuously scanning your devices for malware without the need for any intervention

Protection for Remote Workers

Cisco AMP provides valuable protection for your remote workforce. No matter where your employees are, what device they are using or what time they are working, they remain secure and protected from malware

Cost effective

Enterprise grade security solution, without the extensive price tag

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Management and Support

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