Netway Networks is a leading IT business solutions provider in Australia – customer focused and responsive.
Our diverse portfolio of clients ranges from retail, manufacturing to financial services and not-for-profit.
We have a history of undertaking our duties with a personal interest and we are proud to say our clients view Netway Networks as trusted business partners.

Netway Networks was founded in 1999 to initially address a negative feeling that some had about the information technology sector. There was an assumption that IT was some kind of secret, shrouded in mystery. Our founder created Netway Networks to assist those and bring the darkness into the light.
I wanted to create a company where transparency to the client and passion for the work was built upon the basic premise of a customer service business.”
Since that time Netway has consistently grown despite the economic uncertainty that the dot com crash and global financial crisis have caused. We attribute this to our approach, which has meant our clients are happy and kept up to date with technological advancements that could potentially improve efficiencies in their businesses.


Why choose Netway Networks

We understand that just because the lights are off doesn’t mean your IT systems should be left to fend for themselves, please click here and see how else Netway Networks can be of value to your business
- Andrew Wilson (General manager)

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