Andrew's 15 year history with Netway has given him the opportunity to assist hundreds of clients build a strong and well established IT network their companies can grow from. He's a cat person though, I suppose we all can’t be perfect ?


Deane is a passionate martial arts and sports enthusiast, it’s not easy being a Raiders supporter. His other passions are managing Netways various projects and cloud services.


Hans leads our team in the Queensland Office and is a senior technical consultant.He does have an interest in aviation, taking off from the Netway Networks runway and reaching great heights in customer service.


When Matt isn't soaking up the sun in Bali, he is assisting our sales, accounts and administration and is always happy to lend a hand with any technical issues.


As a Relationship and Sales professional, Dimitri enjoys spending time with clients to understand their specific needs and in conjunction with the team, tailors solutions that address these needs, delivering tangible cost and productivity benefits.


BMX, Motorbikes, anything with 2 wheels infact is a pure passion of Lukes fast paced adrenaline seeking nature. As a side hobby, you can sometimes catch him (If your fast enough) bringing you many of your technical solutions


I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want. If you are looking for a tech girl, I can tell you I am not IT. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills, admin skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people in this page. If you don't need renewals, or proposals or procurement-- that'll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if you do, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will QUOTE you.


Charlie spends his free time repeatedly sampling alcoholic drinks (it's not a 'problem', it's a 'hobby') and watching bad movies/TV shows. He maintains a strong interest in IT in the hopes that when the robot uprising inevitably happens he will be spared the grisly end that awaits the rest of humanity.


Grant’s time is taken up with his new son and also playing various sports including golf, tennis, table tennis and poker (if you call poker a sport). When all these primary activities are done, he likes to make a bit of time for technical support in Qld.


A big fan of F1 and mountain biking. Neighbourhood IT support. Whenever Edward is being called to ask for support, he checks to the issue up and down and quickly finds resolution to reach the chequered flag.


Rumawan is the Netway Indonesian resource, he loves meeting and getting to know many people whilst improving his technical skills. He is very passionate about his Information Technology and loves the sun in Bali.


Michael is a System Engineer with 20 years of industry experience. His DVD collection contains far too many 80's and Sci-Fi movies.


A petrol head and a massive Formula 1 Enthusiast. Passionate about gadgets and new tech. Always eager to learn about new technologies. Typical Sundays are spent 4WDriving and a 6pack. Other hobbies include Night photography.


Doug is a Sci-Fi Loving Theatre Nerd if he’s not on stage. He is making something for stage or CosPlay. He has appeared on stage as an Amateur in Pro-am and Professional Theatre Work and has been nominated for Awards for his prosthetic makeup work. Somehow he has managed to fit this in with his IT Work! He has been working in various help desk roles for the past 18 years and his true passion is for helping people.


Vic loves to travel to somewhere he has never been before, playing and learning cutting edge technology and he is good at table tennis. Currently Vics hobby is taking his son to Chess tournaments almost every weekend.


With a background in Science, Engineering and IT, Terry is a little bit of a jack-of-all-trades. Has a real passion for the consulting work in Hong Kong and Macau which he has been doing since 2001. Interests include attending gym with my wife and travelling to far-flung reaches of the world. A dream is to be multi-lingual one day so I am always keen to meet people with foreign language skills.


Joyce is a lover of life and an adventurer. Heights??? She'll definitely fall for it or fall from it??? Jumping off a cliff, or a nerve wracking roller coaster ride is her favorite! During normal days, she'd go for a good hamburger, pasta and a nice music. Though she's a Pure Filipino by heart, she loves watching a good Japanese Anime and Korean Dramas. For her, life's an adventure that we should always explore!


Kon heads the Vic Team. He's been with the group since 1995. A passionate sport fan who loves his soccer, especially Liverpool.


An enthusiastic Network Engineer, who is passionate about technology and aiming to achieve excellence in whatever he takes on. Originally from cold Siberia, he loves hot Australia and travelling to places he has never been before.


Learning is life and something that Matthew takes very seriously. When not learning how to help you and your company with their technical needs he's learning ice hockey, French or how to be a better gamer, maybe one day he'll learn to be an adult but there's still plenty of time for that.


A fun loving, happy-go-lucky guy. Very interested in "get away from it all" outdoor adventures such as traveling or hiking he can just as easily switch to being a bookworm or watching fantasy, adventure, sci-fi, documentaries, conspiracies and love a good animated movie marathon. His interests also include PC/Video/Mobile games, DC/MARVEL and Japanese Anime. When it comes to work, he takes team work as seriously as anyone.


Jun is a licensed scuba diver, he got his advanced diving license in 2013. He is interesting in travelling and diving around the world. His next stop will be Fiji.


Adventurous and outgoing, she loves it low-key. Kaye majored in Marketing and finds it interesting and challenging to deal with people and things that involves technology. She’s here not for your tech questions but definitely can help you out with paperwork - snap, it's a closed deal!


Fleur is our Procurement and Collections Manager and loves seeing everything work like a well-oiled machine. Her favourite things are the beach, delicious food, getting out in the sunshine and her VERY cute (and spoilt) rescue Greyhound, Bronte. If she could show you a picture of her she would. Yep, she’s one of 'those' people.


Rajeev is passionate about understanding client's businesses and using technology to help them grow. Outside of work he likes spending time with his kids, travelling, playing various sports and watching movies.