Cyber Security in the age of the remote workforce.

How safe is your business?


Businesses today face security challenges that they were not previously equipped for. Remote working is now the new normal and experts are projecting it to continue well after COVID-19 has left, amplifying new IT security risks.



  • Introduction to Netway Networks, Cisco and the PNORS Technology Group

Overview of the security threats

  • The IT Security landscape before COVID-19

  • The new vulnerabilities introduced due to remote working
  • How businesses can protect their IT systems, data and security going forward 

The four stages of securing your workforce

  • Educate

  • Protect
  • Secure
  • Prevent

Cisco Secure remote workforce Demo 

  • Overview of the product stack as a whole 

  • Features of key applications 


Who should attend?

This session is open to everyone as it is not overly technical but important for all departments. Here is who we recommend:


  • Any level of IT support or management looking to increase your security. 


  •  To ensure that business proceeds as normal, it's important for management and operations to attend.


  • This is a perfect webinar for executives as business continuity during COVID-19 is one of the highest trending issues. 

Decision Makers:

  • If you are looking to build a continuity plan well past COVID-19, all level of decision-makers are welcomed. 


Nick Olsen

Solutions Consultant
Netway Networks

With over 10 years of experience working across various IT system design, implementation and support Nick’s background includes management and sales roles in marketing and communications, IT hardware supply and maintenance, Unified Communications and roles with telcos including Telstra, Primus Telecom and AAPT.

Dan Boucaut

Cyber Security Solution Specialist at Cisco

Specialising in IT Security outcomes that align tightly with clients business goals and driving projects to successful completion, Dan is a well known IT security specialist.