Cisco Webex Meetings Services

Not your ordinary meeting platform

What is Cisco Webex Meetings?

Cisco Webex Meetings is a seamless platform for conducting online meetings both internally and externally. 

Whether you are organising a webinar, training sessions or a one-on-one with your remote workforce, Webex Meetings makes it easy to meet as if you were face to face. 

Webex Meetings can utilise voice, video or text and a combination of all three for a seamless meeting experience. 

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Cisco Webex Meetings Services

Features of Webex Meetings

Accessible from any device

Whether you are on the go or out of the office, Webex Teams can be accessed via any smart device

High quality video sharing

All you need is a camera and your meetings can feel as though you are in the same room

Highly secured through advanced encryption

All meetings are highly secured and all access is encrypted to ensure that you dont have any unwanted visitors

Seamless integration with all of your tools

Connect with Outlook, your CRM and many more to ensure a seamless user experience

Business benefits of Webex Meetings 

Record your meetings

Record all meetings and use the pre-recordings to up skill your team, improving your services and recalling past meetings 

Easy to access and maintain

No clunky software to download, users can join each meeting via a secure browser link that is unique to them

Security is key

Webex Meetings has multi-layered security and advanced sharing options which ensures that user experience is not compromised

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Looking for assistance with Webex? Look no further. We are Premier Partners and have extensive Cisco accreditation.

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We have assisted many businesses with their Webex setup and implementation.

Training and Support

After you go live we will show you how to use Webex and get the most out of it. Any issues, just give us a call.

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