VoIP Cloud Telephony Case Study

“Netway Networks have helped us increased our productivity and ensure that our inbound phone calls are allocated to the right person at the right time. We recommend that everyone invest in VoIP cloud telephony.”

 - Tracey Hourd - General Manager, Liquip NSW

About Liquip

Liquip NSW is a part of the larger distributor network of Liquip International, which recently migrated to a full distribution model in NSW.

Liquip NSW is a specialist road tanker equipment repairer, installer and distributor.

They are also an industry leader in the design and supply of bulk liquid storage, dispensing and transfer system solutions.


  • Liquip NSW was moving to a new premise and required a new telephony solution and had been operating for 5 months as a new entity with a 1300 number diverted to a single mobile. Had a number of phones lines that were not integrated including mobile numbers and a 1300 number for inbound customer calls

  • Predominately utilised mobiles for client-facing staff

  • Many numbers supplied by different providers

  • As a start-up had no PABX infrastructure and open to best practice with the opportunity to upgrade as the business grows

VoIP Solution Provided

  • New solution with multiple extensions including a conference phone solution 

  • Hunt group configuration with Time of Day routing for inbound phone calls 

  • All phones have cloud-based extensions 

  • A number of new Polycom High Definition telephones 

  • Polycom Trio 880 Conference room solution

The Result

  • Configuration of a custom Hunt Group ensured that the 1300 number only rang to a certain few endpoints and at a certain time. 

  • This has increased customer service and efficiency across the group. 

  • Installation was taken care of by Netway with no business interruption to the startup business that had other daily challenges and didn’t need a complex and difficult telecom’s solution.

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