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We want to help you get back to business without worrying about your IT landscape

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Do you have any of the following IT challenges?

No In-house IT staff?

 Not large enough for a dedicated IT team member?

 Unable to keep up with changing trends?

 Worried about Ransomware and other business threats?

 Unsure if your data is secure?

 Need IT support without a large budget?

In-house IT need additional support?

 Resources spread too thin?

 Taking too long to resolve issues?

 Likely holes and gaps in IT security?

 No target response times or SLAs for issues?

 All knowledge residing with one person?

 Need more IT support but don't want to hire additional staff?

 Want access to cutting edge solutions, without dealing with vendors?

 Team only available during business hours?

Replacing in-house IT or current IT Provider?

 Outgrown your current IT provider?

 Unexpected IT costs keep popping up?

 Paying too much for what you get?

 Have an IT department but cannot manage their workloads?

 I don't know if you’re secure?

 Wages getting high?

 Paying way too much for what I'm getting

We want to help you solve them!

You need to get back to business without worrying about your IT environment and future growth.

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Why Netway Networks Managed IT Services?

Here's why hundreds of Australian businesses choose us


We have been in business since 1999 and have extensive experience with businesses of all sizes and industries.


We maintain the best security practices and keep up to date with emerging threats and changing landscapes.

Client first approach

While some IT companies are driven by profits we put our clients at the centre of our operations.

24/7 - 365 Monitoring & Support

We operate around the clock giving you peace of mind that someone is always watching over your network.

Vendor Partnerships

We manage the relationships with all major IT vendors unlocking wholesale prices and access to new products.

100% Australian owned

We are 100% Australian owned and our helpdesk is located in Australia. Local support goes a long way.

What our clients are saying about us

Our client rate us at 96.88/100 on all service tickets

When it comes to IT, there are loads of companies that talk a good game, but Netway Networks, help you make it happen. They have given my team and I confidence that our company is secure and that we’ve got a team of specialists to watch out for us".

- Paul Gahdmar (PETSEC) - Company Secretary and Group Financial Controller

“Before partnering with Netway Networks, we used multiple IT vendors in an outdated and overly-complex IT environment. Supporting our systems and end users was extremely time-consuming. Building on our 30+ year relationship with the PNORS Technology group, we engaged Netway to modernise our systems and provide round-the-clock IT support. Now I have time to work on higher-value tasks while knowing the business is in safe hands.”

- Simon Darwent (DINDAS Australia)  IT Manager

The benefits of the right Managed Services Provider

Here's why you should choose your Managed IT Services Provider well

24x7 Monitoring and Support

Your IT department can only work 8 hours a day. MSP’s work around the clock

Reduced costs

Outsourcing to an MSP ensures that you don’t need to employ a team of engineers and keep them training up

Proactive and Reactive Support

We proactively tell you when an error is going to occur and stop them (if) they gets trough

Depth of Knowledgeable Engineers

An MSP hires a team of varied skill sets to ensure they can manage all ecosystems. Not always achievable with in-house resources

Accessibility to unique products

We do all of the hard work with the vendors to get access to new and exciting products with discounts. The more you buy the more you save.

Discounted Hardware and Software

We choose our partners collectively to ensure that we unlock discounted products and pass them on to you

Quickly implement new solutions

We’ve implemented ICT solutions for 100’s of businesses. We know how to do it quickly and painlessly

Reduced risk / Business Continuity

Your IT department is the lifeline of your whole business. Don’t put all this pressure on one person. We want to keep you in business

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