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This may seem impossible but IP based phone systems reduce the total cost of ownership, improve your business' productivity by giving your customers a superior experience and are secure, resilient and scalable.

 Our team are experts in the design, installation, management,  and maintenance of phone systems that deliver real productivity improvements and enterprise-grade reliability to your business.

 We are experienced in delivering solutions from 10 to 2000+ users.


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Why VoIP?

Here's why we love VoIP phones

Go further with VoIP phones

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol utilises internet services for making and taking phone calls rather than traditional services that utilise analogue phone lines. 

As Internet connections are more and more readily available and powerful in Australia, we have the ability to communicate through digital channels, rather than being reliant on phone line infrastructure.

If you don't have the technical infrastructure in place, sick of expensive phone bills or merely want to take your business into the next stage of growth, contact us for a free consultation. 


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Why Netway's VoIP solutions?

Customer service

All support is local, and you will speak to a human

Cost Reductions

Lower cost per call and investment in infrastructure

Grow with you

Scale up and down as your business changes


Have the ability to take it where you need to go


We partner with the best in the business to give you the best in the business


Ability to upgrade to a full unified communications model if required

Productivity enhancements

Staff have a fully functioning top of the line phone system at their fingertips

Ease of use

Easier to install, maintain and configure saving you time and money

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