Penetration Testing Services

Discover flaws in your network before they become a bigger problem. 

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Why is Penetration Testing important?

The security of your network should always be one of your greatest concerns.

Even the smallest compromised account could lead to an unwarranted individual accessing your intellectual property leading to loss of customers, income and even fines or jail time in serious cases.

Third-party auditing of your network through Ethical Hacking is one of the best ways to uncover any unknown flaws in the defence of your network.

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How does Penetration Testing work?

Before we conduct the test, we sit down with you and draw up a plan of attack which includes any specific requirements for your network or devices you would like left out of the test.

We conduct the test at a mutually agreed time. This can be outside of business hours or when your team are online.

We will provide a detailed report after the Penetration Test including any vulnerabilities and issues found as well as how severe they are and our recommendations for fixing them.

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Our Penetration Testing Services

Here's what our services involve


We begin by consulting with you and learning about your business and your network. We then design and set up the Penetration Test depending on what you want to get out of it.

Perform Test

With the test designed we move onto performing the test. Our experienced engineers will run the Penetration Test ensuring all objectives are achieved and all potential vulnerabilities are documented.  


We will provide you with a detailed report documenting everything that happened in the test and our findings. We list any vulnerabilities, how serious they are and how we recommend resolving them. 

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