Collaboration Beyond COVID-19

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How to take advantage of Collaboration tools like Teams to get the most out of your workforce during and post COVID-19

Key takeaways

  • How to increase efficiency and productivity for all employees (not only remote/working from home team members) during and post COVID-19 

  • How IP Telephony actually reduces your overheads

  • How to enhance customer service during and post COVID-19 (your new competitive advantage)

  • How to streamline your collaborations with virtual meetings 

  • How to enable your team to work remotely without disruption and be as productive as if you were in the same office

  • Adding traditional calling to the current teams/virtual meeting tools (internal and external)

Most importantly

  • How you can integrate all these practices with your current packages (Microsoft Teams, Webex and more)

When: 14th of May 2020

Time: 2:00pm AEST (approx. 45 Mins)

Where: Online via Webex

In this 45 minute webinar, we will show you what can be achieved with the Webex Collaboration suite of products and why the world will continue to utilise these solutions long after the effects of COVID-19 have passed.



  • Intro:

    • Introduction to Netway Networks, Cisco and the PNORS Technology Group

  • The reasons behind remote working: 

    • How Coronavirus has fast tracked changes in the way we work

    • Key shifts toward remote working and the changing workforce 

    • Accessibility and ease of collaboration thanks to technology like Webex

  • Benefits to your business: 

    • Reduction in overheads and Increased productivity 

    • Integration with essential business tools 

    • Enabling businesses to retain top talent and unlocking opportunities with new talent through collaboration technology unlocking remote workforces

  • Webex Demo: 

    • Overview of the product stack as a whole 

    • Features of key applications 

    • How it works remotely 

    • How it works when business is resumed, and we all get back to the office 

    • How Webex stacks up against the competition

  • Q&A

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Nick Olsen

Solutions Consultant
Netway Networks

With over 10 years of experience working across various IT system design, implementation and support Nick’s background includes management and sales roles in marketing and communications, IT hardware supply and maintenance, Unified Communications and roles with telcos including Telstra, Primus Telecom and AAPT.

Eric Smith

Cloud Collaboration Product Sales Specialist

Eric joined Cisco during the acquisition of BroadSoft and is responsible for Cloud Calling GTM and Sell Through for VAR’s. As an enthusiastic ICT sales professional that is team-oriented, articulate and focused on improving how businesses communicate, collaborate and connect.