Managed IT Services Case Study

DINDAS Australia: Outsourced IT Services Success Story "

“Before partnering with Netway Networks, we used multiple IT vendors in an outdated and overly-complex IT environment. Supporting our systems and end users was extremely time-consuming. Building on our 30+ year relationship with the PNORS Technology group, we engaged Netway to modernise our systems and provide round-the-clock IT support. Now I have time to work on higher-value tasks while knowing the business is in safe hands.”
  - Simon Darwent, IT Manager

 The Company

DINDAS Australia is one of Australia's largest timber importers and wholesalers. 

DINDAS imports from New Zealand, the West Coast of USA, Canada, Europe and South-East Asia, as well as distributing many local products.

DINDAS has 80+ staff and offices in VIC, NSW and QLD.

DINDAS have been a client of TIMMS ERP managed by WilldooIT, also a member of the PNORS Technology Group for over 30 years. They also utilise the services of Pacific Commerce for EDI with the Timber and Hardware Exchange (T&HE) and Bunnings, as well as Carter Holt Harvey.

Managed IT Services Case Study

 The situation

  • DINDAS’ in house IT team consisted of an IT Manager and an assistant who manages all IT aspects of DINDAS’ operations including user issues, ERP management, telephony, internet, software role outs, Hardware issues, etc.

  • Utilising the services of 4 separate IT providers including a 3rd party IT company to assist with IT Network Management.

  • DINDAS’ IT Network age and design was the catalyst for the decision to consolidate providers to minimise business risk.

 The challenge

  • Consolidating IT requirements to a single supplier who could manage their day to day IT operations through a Managed Services Agreement, manage their IT Network Environment as well as manage their communications through Telephony and Internet.

  • The objective was to:

    • Minimise the risk of hardware failure and data loss by replacing current server hardware

    • Minimise the risk of downtime to critical business systems by exploring cloud-hosting options

    • Minimise the threat to business continuity by ensuring reliable backups and a Disaster Recovery Plan is in place

    • Strike the right balance between cloud and on-premise infrastructure

    • Reduce time spent by the IT manager on desktop support and application server maintenance, freeing up time for higher-value activities and business improvement projects

  • Build a stable foundation for future growth and further IT projects

 The solution

  • Netway were uniquely placed to offer insight garnered over our 30-year relationship with DINDAS through our TIMMS ERP and dealings with Pacific Commerce.

  • Netway reviewed the current design and liaised with DINDAS’ IT manager to highlight obvious constraints as well as understand from DINDAS their specific pain points.

  • Our solution incorporated a complete network refresh, introduction of Access4 Telephony, Managed Internet, and a Managed Service Agreement.

  • Netway designed a hybrid cloud and on-premise server network for DINDAS incorporating their key objectives with an emphasis on:

    • Leveraging modern network technology

    • Enhancing bandwidth to each DINDAS site to support data-hungry day-to-day operations and cope with new initiatives such as video conferencing etc

    • Improve network redundancy and/or failover systems to minimise downtime.

  • High Speed/ High Redundancy/ High Resilience

  • Ultimately, Netway designed a Mesh Network Topology providing greater network resilience, reducing impacts of any outages from affecting the entire network.

  • Once we were appointed as the supplier of choice, Netway appointed a project team to manage the transition across all 3 sites. We built a timeline that worked with DINDAS so as not to affect day to day operations. Most of the cutover work was scheduled over weekends, in a strategic/methodical manner.

 The outcome

  • Netway’s solution has provided the foundation for scalable growth and management. The IT manager at DINDAS is now able to focus on IT projects of strategic importance to DINDAS whilst leaving the day to day to Netway

  • Reduction in inhouse IT headcount

  • Topline visibility of IT Infrastructure, ticketing and monthly reporting

  • DINDAS now have access to a plethora of experience that they can draw on from Netway, including system engineers, solution architects, network engineers, telephony, and cloud etc

  • One of the key benefits is the ability of DINDAS’ IT Manager to now forward plan and align IT systems with the needs of the business. Prior to Netway being engaged this was not possible as he was fighting fires on a daily basis

  • The costs associated with a Managed Services Agreement were negated with the freeing up of one internal DINDAS IT resource being redeployed, whilst increasing the experience and depth of knowledge available to ensure DINDAS’ IT needs are met into the future.

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