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Seamless design, installation and management of IT data communication networks 

We help you design, stall and manage your data communications networks. 

Our communications networks deliver as promised and provide the framework for a variety of services such as voice, video, collaboration, asset security, voice over IP (VoIP) and data storage.

data communications

WAN Optimisation

WAN Optimisation, also known as WAN Acceleration, is the category of technologies and techniques used to maximise the efficiency of data flow across a wide area network (WAN). The goal of WAN Optimisation is to increase the speed of access to critical applications and information. WAN Optimisation is best employed when business-critical applications are being impacted by direct competition with other data traffic on your network. Often business applications are delayed because of unwanted traffic to a site. Spam, viruses, and even worker-driven web browsing traffic can tremendously hinder a businesses ability to complete its mission.

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WAN optimisation encompasses:

  • Traffic shaping, in which traffic across the network is prioritised and bandwidth is allotted accordingly.

  • Data deduplication, in which the data that must be sent across a WAN for remote backups and replication is analysed and managed.

  • Compression, which shrinks the size of data to limit bandwidth use.

  • Data caching, in which frequently used data is hosted locally or on a local server for faster access.

  • Monitoring the network to detect non-essential traffic.

  • Creating and enforcing rules about downloads and internet use.

  • Protocol spoofing, which is a method of bundling discordant protocols so they appear as a single protocol .

IT Data Communications

Wireless LAN

Giving your staff the ability to remain connected to the information they need, whilst still on the premises and without a hardwired connection, is easy with a correctly configured Wireless LAN. We ensure that access is provided only to those that are authorised, and can even provide public access for your guests as a separate Wireless LAN that provides a customised level of access to the internet, whilst still keeping your corporate Wireless LAN reserved for internal use. We recommend Cisco and Motorola Wireless LAN products.

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Data Centre Colocation

Managing your own server on-premise means that you take up valuable  floorspace , power and cooling capacity to keep your servers operating in an optimal range. You also need to actively monitor any connections to the internet or other private wide-area networks to make sure you are always connected - particularly if your clients or staff require access even in the event that your server or internet connections fail.

Using a colocation service frees up space in your premises and eliminates the need for you to install dedicated cooling, backup power systems and redundant internet connectivity. Data centre colocation puts your server and data storage hardware in a secure, dedicated facility with independent power supply, redundant internet connectivity and efficient cooling systems that keep your server operating in an optimal environment. Even when disaster strikes, your servers can continue to operate critical systems and keep your business online.

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