Instant Messaging Solutions for Business

instant messaging for business

Seamless connectivity regardless of location

We know that every year remote working is growing, and we can actively work remotely without any issues.

However, to remain efficient, it is important that our communication is seamless.

When you are not sitting next to someone, a phone call or email may take a long time to respond to.

Whilst reducing the number of short emails sent amongst your staff there is also the added benefit of reducing the distraction of constantly arriving emails whilst also giving your staff the ability to nominate if they are available or not to be disturbed.

We recommend all of our clients invest in instant messaging as a part of their Unified Communications strategy, for streamlined communication. 


The next collaboration step beyond the inbox

Most organisations are well aware that their employees receive hundreds of emails a day. 

While some see it as an issue, others see it as a part of everyday life and understand that emails are the most prominent form of business communication. 

However, important internal communications often get caught amongst the other hundreds of emails and may not get actioned accordingly due to the level of importance.  

Furthermore, most cyber-attacks come in forms of unsolicited emails tricking senders to opening attachments or clicking on links. 


Business Instant Messaging Solutions

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