Google Cloud Services for Business

Google Cloud Services for Business

Why Google's   Cloud Services?

Google Cloud Services are fast, secure and reliable. 

They are trusted by thousands of businesses across the world and utilised by millions of individuals. 

Through constant innovation, advanced technology and expertise behind the scenes we believe that Google Cloud Services is a great choice for any business as they are constantly developing and improving. 


Business Benefits of Cloud Services

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Staff and data requirements will always fluctuate in your business. Our Cloud Solutions ensure that you can scale up or down at any point to match your changing requirements as your workforce grows.

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Your business cannot afford any downtime, or your operations could become jeopardised. Our cloud services have high availability. If you have a decent internet connection, you will never be away from your data.

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On-site hardware is expensive and not always the best solution. With our Cloud Services, you can receive lower cost per user than managing your own hardware and software as we don't lock you into expensive plans!

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Accessible anywhere

The remote workforce is ever growing. Being cloud-based, our Cloud Solutions are available anywhere with an Internet connection on any smart device. Access your data on the go!

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Ease of use

No hardware or software for you to maintain. All support and updates are remotely managed by us ensuring that you can get back to what your job knowing that your data is safe.

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Enhanced Collaboration

Connect, collaborate and improve productivity with your remote and interstate workforce. All you need is an internet connection and a smart device.


Why choose Netway as your Cloud Services provider


We have been operating since 1999 and have implemented cloud solutions into many large and small organisations

24x7 Support

We are here to help 24/7-265. Your network doesn't sleep and neither do we

Knowledgeable Engineers

Our engineers are amongst the best in the industry with a vast depth of experience

Services offering

We take pride in offering
end-to-end IT services. We can cover just about anything you need!


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