Business Cloud Migration Services

Making your migration to the cloud quick, painless and secure.

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Cloud migration services

Take your Business into the cloud with Confidence

Our Cloud Migration Services are specifically designed to be flexible and tailored towards the end-users. 

We provide cloud Migration Services to businesses of all sizes. 

Reduce risk and uncertainty by partnering with Netway Networks for your cloud migration project. 

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Our Cloud Migration Services

Our Cloud Migration Services

Software as a Service

The software you use shouldn't cause headaches. With Software as a Service, all management is taken care of behind the scenes and the services are available wherever you have an internet connection making sure you have access to what you need all the time.

cloud services

Communication as a Service

Communication as a Service provides reliable voice, video and collaborative solutions, regardless of physical location. With seamless and smart integration, you can enjoy the benefits of increased productivity with amazing results!

business cloud services

Infrastructure as a Service

Your computing requirements are sure to change through time, so why limit yourself to old technology?

With Infrastructure as a Service, we provide the flexibility and reliability required for your ever-changing tasks.

Business Cloud Migration Services Explained

How are our Cloud Services implemented?

Netway's cloud solutions can be implemented in a few different ways. We recommend one of the following:

  • Public cloud 

    • Utilising servers owned and managed by an external provider 

  • Private cloud 

    • Using servers owned by you and managed by us

  • Hybrid cloud 

    • Utilising a combination of both public and private cloud technologies

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