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Netway Networks was founded in 1999 in part to address the suspicions that some had about the information technology sector. There was an assumption that IT was some kind of secret, shrouded in mystery. Netway's vision was to create a company where transparency to the client and passion for the work was built on the basic premise of a customer service business.

Netway has grown consistently, despite the economic uncertainty the dot-com crash and global financial crisis caused. We attribute this to our approach as customers are kept up to date on technological advancements that could potentially improve efficiencies in their business.

We have a history of undertaking our duties with a personal interest and are proud to say our clients view Netway Networks as their trusted business partners.

Our diverse portfolio of clients ranges from retail to manufacturing to financial services to not-for-profit and just about everything in between. 

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Formed to assist growing businesses with IT Support


Acquired by

The PNORS Technology Group



Vision3 IT & Biz2Biz IT






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Perth office

Netway Networks is a member of the PNORS Technology Group

The PNORS group are committed to improving business productivity through the delivery of integrated technology solutions that target the vital operations that are key to the success of modern connected enterprises. The services offered by Netway Networks are a major element in our total business management solution.

Netway Networks is a part of the PNORS group of companies with offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Indonesia. Together with the benefits of offering complimentary and integrated technology solutions to grow your business, Netway Networks is able to provide personalised tailored services while ensuring the security and business continuity that being part of a large company provides.

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