How Secure is Your Network?


Security is usually given a high priority by large organisations but many smaller companies have a weak security blanket and some companies do not even have that! The most common problem among such businesses is a false sense of security. “Someone configured a firewall for our company” is a common term used. In some instances a company is operating with a direct connection to the internet, for instance a DSL router that offers very limited security capability and is by no means an adequate device to protect a business.

We are able to recommend, implement and maintain suitable hardware and/or software security systems that will help protect your business from potential threats.

We regularly implement the following security solutions:


Having your network protected from outside intruders is as essential as locking up the front door of your business. If the firewalling architecture is poorly setup or in some cases nonexistent it might have a significant impact on the business entity. If an intruder penetrates into your network it could lead to sensitive data being leaked out of your network data loss, or worse.
Netway specialises in Firewall’s tailored for your business requirements.

Ask us about our different firewall options today.


SPAM is known as the pest of the eGeneration and most companies experience both financial loss and lost productivity due to inefficient spam protection. Spam floods the Internet with many copies of the same message, in an attempt to force the message on to people who would not otherwise choose to receive it. Most spam is commercial advertising, often for dubious products, get-rich-quick schemes, or quasi-legal services.

Some examples of spam protection solutions we support and implement include:

• Sophos Endpoint Anti Spam
• Linux Spamassasin
• Watchguard SpamScreen
• Trend Micro Spam Protection
• Symantec Spam Protection

Spam can threaten different business’s in unique ways, Ask a Netway Engineer which anti spam solution would be best for your business.


In simple terms spyware is a program that becomes installed on a computer and changes settings, displays advertising, and/or tracks Internet behaviour and reports information back to a central database. Spyware is sometimes installed unintentionally by users along with other wanted software and can be very hard to remove.
Some examples of spyware protection solutions we support and implement include:

• NetIQ Solutions
• Barracuda Spyware Appliance


Some examples of open and closed source antivirus protection solutions we support and implement include:
• AVG Anti Virus
• Vipre Anti Virus
• Kaspersky AV
• Sophos
• Symantec
• McAfee
• Trend Micro


The objective of an IT audit is to obtain relevant information in an attempt to better.
Safeguard assets, Maintain data integrity, ensure network efficiency and uptime.
Some aspects covered by our security audit and analysis services include:

• Physical Security
• Network Security
• Protocols / Services
• User Security
• Data Storage Security
• Security Policies
• Group Policies
• System Administration


Why choose Netway Networks

We understand that just because the lights are off doesn’t mean your IT systems should be left to fend for themselves, please click here and see how else Netway Networks can be of value to your business
- Andrew Wilson (General manager)

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