5 Tips to Save Your Servers from Overheating

Summertime brings many joys to us Aussies. To me, the summer means BBQ’s, the beach and warmer weather. However, many companies do not pre-plan for the surging temperatures, and the results can be disastrous for their servers and their IT departments.

Every year at Netway Networks we have clients encountering issues from their networks overheating, and it is not only the financial burden they have to bear, it is the loss of data and operational impacts. As we move further into a digital workforce, almost all organisations heavily rely on their IT departments to keep their business operational. Therefore, if something were to happen to your servers, it would wreak havoc to your daily operations and cost you a fortune in hardware and affect your customer relationships.

So, here’s my 5 tips to ensure your servers do not overheat this summer.


1 – Ensure your server room remains below 27 degrees Celsius.

Think of your server rooms temperature like a game of golf, the lower number, the better. If your server room reaches above 27 degrees Celsius, you’re risking the lifeline of your organisation operations.

The best piece of advice we can give you is to invest in a cooling system and not a $15-dollar fan from Kmart. Sure, the outlay may be expensive, and your electricity bills will increase, but it is a small price to pay to sleep easy knowing your server room is safe this summer.

Server room Aircon2 – Keep the room temperature at a constant level and ensure it is well ventilated

Your servers need to operate at a consistent temperature to ensure that they are working as efficiently as possible. The warmer the room gets, the harder your servers have to work. The result will either be overloading, or your networks slowing down.

It is also important to ensure that the room is ventilated. We all know that hot air rises but when it does not have anywhere to go it spreads around the room. Even with a cooling system, the room still needs ventilation to circulate the airflow.

3 – Keep your server room dry.

Moisture is not your servers friend. Think of your server like a big iPhone, the slightest bit of moister/water, causes a world of problems to its performance and could be the end of it. If your server room does overheat there is always the concern of condensation occurring and moisture getting into your hardware. As we all know water and technology do not mix, this should be on everyone’s list to constantly check.

4 – Remove all clutter from this room.

There have been a few occasions over the years where we have seen our client’s server rooms become a glorified filing cabinet. However, when your server room is packed to the rafters, and there isn’t enough room to breathe, the airflow becomes restricted. Even with ample cooling, it will not circulate to where it needs to.

Clutter makes it harder for cooling systems to do what they are designed for. Clutter is also a common cause of fires and makes it a lot more difficult to contain.

5 – Ensure you only use professional storage racks.

Server racksAnyone who has worked in IT knows that professional server racks are an expensive item and you would rather allocate these funds to your hardware. However, they are a necessity. I cannot stress their importance enough. If you have a large setup, professional racks are preferable, and servers should always be stacked closely together to allow for ample airflow. Please do not use a spare bookshelf or a homemade contraption.

If you are worried about your current setup, please contact us for a consultation.

Deane Parrott

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